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Industrial products provided by Martec from Japan

MARTEC is...

a Japanese trading company and manufacturer located in Kobe City with sales offices throughout Japan and affiliated firms in Thailand and in China.

After the incorporation in 1974, we focused on the import and sales of lifting products from Sweden and soon became one of the leaders in the Japanese lifting equipment market. We continuously expanded our business relations with overseas suppliers of innovative products that meet our customer’s demands. Today we import and distribute goods from companies in Sweden, Belgium, Italy, USA and Germany.

Furthermore, we developed the manufacturing side of our company. In 2001 we opened a production site at our head office in Kobe to manufacture safety attachments for the construction machinery industry. In 2008 we started a joint-venture in Samutprakam, Thailand where we transferred a part of our production.

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Exhibitions 2019

This year Martec K.K. will exhibit products at the following trade shows in Japan:

Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo (FacTex) 2019

Martec at Factex 2019

February 2 - 8 / Tokyo Big Sight
Products: Rotating Eye Bolts, Chain Slings, Hooks

>>FacTex Website

N-Expo 2019

Martec at N-Expo 2019

March 12 - 15 / Tokyo Big Sight
Products: Road Sweepers, High Pressure Cleaners

>>N-Expo Website


Martec at Intermold 2019

April 17 - 20 / Tokyo Big Sight
Products: Rotating Eye Bolts, Chain Slings, Hooks


Bari-Ship 2019

Martec at Bari-Ship 2019

May 23 - 25 / Texport Imabari
Products: Lifting Products, Road Sweepers

>>Bari-Ship Website

MECT 2019

Martec at MECT 2019

October 23 - 26 / Port Messe Nagoya
Products: Rotating Eye Bolts, Chain Slings, Hooks

>>MECT Website

Our Products...

meet the highest safety and quality standards and fulfill the needs of customer's from various industrial fields. Leading manufacturers of construction machinery, automobiles and steel trust the safe, labor-saving and convenient solutions we provide.

Self-Developed Products

Industrial products developed by Martec K.K. from Japan

The unique rotating eye bolts FRENO LINKBOLT and ROTARY EYE BOLT, swivel hooks for excavators which we manufacture according to customer specifications and rust-protected casters for marine use are the most popular items in the lineup of products, developed with our expertise.

Our technical department conducts the whole product development process – from design and prototyping over testing to market launch – in compliance with our certified quality management system.

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Lifting Products

Our high-quality product range includes chain slings and hooks, manual lever hoists, synthetic slings and shackles.

Martec lifting products

Over 80% of all hydraulic excavators manufactured in Japan are equipped with our weld-on bucket hook (UKN), which makes lifting operations at a construction site a safe and easy task.

Cleaning Machinery

We offer professional high pressure washers, sweepers, scrubbers and vacuum cleaners of internationally known manufacturers.

Martec cleaning machinery

Equipped with the latest generation of filters, pumps, burners, motors and engines our machines guarantee excellent cleaning results, cost efficiency and environmentally friendly operation.

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Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0046, Japan

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